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Leadership Academy 2018
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The LeadingAge North Carolina Leadership Academy is a year - long program designed to develop statewide aging services leaders. The program provides a challenging and engaging learning environment that enhances the leadership capacity of aging services professionals so they are better equipped to serve our field.The application deadline for the 2018-19 class has passed. Read on for more information if you'd like to consider applying to the Academy in the future.




The program is available to anyone who works for a LeadingAge North Carolina member community irrespective of clinical or managerial experience. Leadership potential within one's organization is far more important than specific job title. We encourage the identification and application of staff that are emerging leaders within member communities. Each member community is limited to one nominee.


The Leadership Academy Curriculum draws on adult learning theory to delve into the core principles of transformational leadership, person - centered care and innovation. The program emphasizes self - awareness and relationship building through a variety of education methodologies. Traditional and experiential learning methods are used to create an environment in which Fellows learn from their own experiences, from one another, from the coaches and design team, and from leaders and experts in the field.

Our Core Themes

The Leadership Academy is created around five core ideas:

  • Leadership and Self Reflection – to explore personal values and self-reflective leadership;
  • Advocacy - to understand the importance of relationships and trust in advocacy and community building;
  • Partnerships and Collaborations – to appreciate the power of partnerships and learn best practices from other organizations;
  • Innovation and Change – to explore our potential as change agents and understand how innovation works;
  • Work Life Balance – to reflect on our values, beliefs and philosophy and to appreciate the value of presence and being in the moment.

Group Discussions and Exercises

During each face-to-face meeting, Fellows engage in group exercise and discussions of ways (and contexts) in which leadership theories can be applied to real- world settings in and outside the aging services field. The use of reflective, creative and interactive education techniques helps Fellows embrace diversity of thought, move beyond pre - conceived assumptions and view their own experiences and those of others as teaching moments/opportunities.

Member Site Visits

Selected site visits are designed to expose Fellows to innovative organizations across the aging services continuum and the visionary leaders who enable transformation. Hearing about these organizations and the contributions of staff (at all levels) responsible for creating unique care environments and programs allows Fellows to gain a deeper understanding about the aging services field while witnessing the traits of impactful leaders.

Leaders in Residence

Fellows interact with not-for-profit aging services leaders and other field experts, engaging in intimate dialogue about influencing change and promoting innovation in their organizations and communities.

Program Requirements

The program’s interactive nature demands a high level of participation and requires that Fellows complete all projects, assignments and readings as well as attend all program-related meetings, site visits, sessions and conference calls. In the event that a Fellow no longer meets the program’s eligibility criteria, including being employed by a supporting LeadingAge NC member organization, his/her continued involvement in the Leadership Academy is subject to review and should be brought to the attention of LeadingAge NC staff.

Financial Commitment

Upon acceptance, a $1,500 tuition payment (non-refundable and non-transferable) is required from each LeadingAge North Carolina Fellow organization. Tuition includes meeting materials and meals provided during sessions. Lodging and travel expenses will be incurred by the member community.

LeadingAge North Carolina provides complimentary registrations for each LeadingAge North Carolina Leadership Academy Fellow to attend the 2018 Spring Conference and Trade Show May 14-17, 2018 at The Omni Grove Park Inn in Asheville and the 2019 Spring Conference and Trade Show May 6-9, 2019 in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Application Process

This program is only available to individuals employed with a LeadingAge North Carolina member community. Reminder, only one applicant per community will be considered. If a Fellow’s employment status changes or if he or she fails to meet any of the programs eligibility criteria, continued participation in the Leadership Academy is subject to review by LeadingAge North Carolina.

The application deadline for the 2018-19 class has passed. If you'd like to apply in the future, you may download the 2018 Leadership Academy flyer in pdf format here for more information.

Applicants are required to submit a Letter of Commitment, signed by their sponsor. Click here to download.*

* Please Note: The Letter of Commitment must be signed by the President, CEO, Executive Director, or Administrator (where appropriate) of the applicant’s organization. If the applicant is the highest ranking executive officer, the organization’s Board Chair should sign the Letter of Commitment.

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