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Excellence in Governance Award
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This award is given to voluntary leaders who have served with distinction on the governing board of a LeadingAge North Carolina member organization and thereby made an outstanding contribution to the well-being of seniors, to the employees who serve them, and to organization’s non-profit mission.

Eligible Nominees

Past or present members of the governing board of a member facility

Qualifying Criteria

  • A visionary leader who has who as a member of the governing board has advanced the mission of the member facility
  • A significant contributor of time, effort, and expertise
  • Exceptional service beyond the call of duty
  • A history of personally significant financial contributions, or an exceptional act of philanthropy through which the mission of the organization has been advanced
  • Demonstrated expertise in and openness to best practices in non-profit governance
  • Outstanding leadership in achieving specific goals and objectives of the member organization

Nomination Forms

Nomination submittals must be no longer than a single typed page. Be sure to include at the top of the page the following:

  • Name of the nominee,
  • Award for which nominee is being nominated,
  • Name of the nominating member,
  • Member facility address, phone number, and fax number.

Tips for Writing a Nomination

  • Be clear, specific, and as brief as possible.
  • Say it like it is. Don’t worry about the quality of the writing. Use bullets whenever possible.
  • Provide concrete examples of exactly what is meritorious about your nominee.
  • Include measureable results when possible.
  • When considering innovations worthy of nomination, remember that effort and risk taking may also be award worthy even if the results were not those originally envisioned.
  • Use the Qualifying Criteria provided for each Award to focus your thoughts on the merits of your nominee. Feel free to insert points not set out in the Qualifying Criteria that you believe further commend your nominee for recognition.

Nominations will be accepted only through the online Awards Nomination form. You may download the Awards Program Brochure here.

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