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Business Members
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Many of our Business Members have told us they value the opportunity to sponsor events and meet with provider members face-to-face. With LeadingAge North Carolina’s Annual Business Membership & Sponsorship packages, you can set your sponsorship budget for the year and customize the benefits to suit your marketing goals. We offer a number of opportunities in the areas of education, web marketing, networking and print advertising that can help you increase your exposure and access to LeadingAge North Carolina members.

About the Annual Business Membership & Sponsorship Packages

Become an annual business member and enhance your exposure to LeadingAge North Carolina member organizations by simply choosing your membership level for the year. All packages have a predetermined set of benefits. Then, you decide how to customize your sponsorship by choosing the additional events and programs you wish to sponsor throughout the year. You will see that each menu selection has a dollar value – the higher the value, the more visibility and prestige you receive. Marketing your way to success has never been easier! Have something different in mind? No problem! Let’s talk about it.

Return your commitment form to LeadingAge North Carolina and we’ll handle the details!

Additional Sponsorship Opportunities (Cost Separate)

There are also opportunities throughout the year to sponsor various events, thereby providing additional opportunities for exposure. To aid you with budget planning, included is a general listing of annual sponsored events. We will keep you informed of other events that may arise throughout the year.

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