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Excellence in Advocacy Award
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This award honors an individual or member community for exceptional achievement in advocacy that has advanced the nonprofit mission, expanded the possibilities for aging; and/or improved the legal, public policy and/or the regulatory environment influencing the provision of aging services.

Eligible Nominees

Individuals or groups associated with a member community or a member community itself

Qualifying Criteria

  • Effective employment of the collective voice of residents, staff, volunteers and others associated with a member community to impact legislation, regulation, or policy
  • Effective motivation of power and influence to impact legislation, regulation or policy affecting the field of aging services
  • Effective educational or personal outreach to promote and defend not-for-profit status
  • Summoning of influence and resources for the purpose of highlighting and addressing an unmet need
  • Commitment to eliminating and/or advancing legislation and regulation for the purpose of improving resident quality of life and expansion of the possibilities for aging


Nominations will be accepted only through the online Awards Nomination form. You may download the Awards Program Brochure here. Nominations are due by February 28, 2020.


  • Name and contact information of nominee
  • Name of award
  • Name and contact information of person submitting nomination
  • One-page description (in PDF) of nominee’s qualifications as specified under each award category
  • Three to five photos of the nominee to be used in awards slideshow if selected

Tips for Writing a Nomination

  • Be clear, specific, and as concise as possible.
  • Speak from the heart without worrying too much about the quality of the writing. Use bullets whenever possible.
  • Provide concrete examples of what is meritorious about your nominee.
  • Include measurable results when possible.
  • Remember that effort and risk taking may also be award-worthy even if the results were not those originally envisioned.

Use the Qualifying Criteria provided for each award to focus your thoughts on the merits of your nominee. Feel free to insert points not set out in the Qualifying Criteria that you believe further commend your nominee for recognition.

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