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Spiritual Support
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11/19/2018 at 7:19:34 PM GMT
Posts: 1263
We have both a full time and a part time pastor/chaplain at our community. We hold weddings, funerals and support group services. Additionally, they are available to meet privately by appointment and will visit you both in our facility and the hospital. They are an integral support member here at TLC.

11/19/2018 at 7:20:09 PM GMT
Posts: 1263
We employ a full time, 30 hour per week Chaplain that provides spiritual support to our residents and staff. We also contract with a variety of denominations to offer a selection of church services here at our community.

11/19/2018 at 7:20:33 PM GMT
Posts: 1263
We have two full time Chaplains.

Provide services to all faiths. ( offer some services to staff )

11/19/2018 at 7:22:09 PM GMT
Posts: 1263
We have a PT Chaplain who is scheduled 16 hours per week.

We also have a rotating group of 14 local churches that send someone to visit once per week every 14 weeks.

We also have a retired pastor who helps coordinate the services and spiritual volunteers.

We are lucky to have this level of involvement.

11/19/2018 at 7:22:34 PM GMT
Posts: 1263
We have a chaplain that spends approximately five hours a week between two days. He will also visit residents that go to the hospital. He does one on one room visits as well as a weekly Bible study.

11/19/2018 at 7:22:58 PM GMT
Posts: 1263
We have 2 full time Chaplains. We have always had 1 but over the last 6 years we added another as we added more programs. We provide a lot of support groups through our chaplains such as, dementia support, life changes, spiritual ways to cope with things in your everyday life, staff chapel, resident memorial services, fundraisers, guest speakers, hospitals visits, heath center visits and any one on one support any resident or family member needs.

11/19/2018 at 7:23:21 PM GMT
Posts: 1263
We have a full-time Chaplain who oversees our formal worship/vesper/Bible Study programming, as well as personal, one-on-one or small group pastoral care. If needed, she will also provide pastoral care to staff.

11/19/2018 at 7:24:06 PM GMT
Posts: 1263
We do have a pastoral counselor for residents. She splits her time with her role as a social worker.

11/19/2018 at 7:24:40 PM GMT
Posts: 1263
We have a 2.5 ftes that are shared between 4 communities with a director of Ministries and one full time and 1 part time chaplain. They represent Methodist and Presbyterian denominations but we focus on creating an inclusive non denominational environment, coordinate Jewish worship services with local faith community, etc.

11/19/2018 at 7:25:03 PM GMT
Posts: 1263
We do provide spiritual care. 2 full time clergy for about 500 residents

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