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Video Equipment 6 J. Gill Our community does not have a policy on this.
by J. Gill
Friday, November 18, 2016
Employee Cell Phone Policy 9 J. Gill We do not have a companywide cell phone policy. We have policies addressing the use of cell phones that are given out for work purposes. These vary per department based on the type of work you are doing. Different jobs require different levels of cell phone usage.
by J. Gill
Monday, September 19, 2016
Vendor/Employee Check 10 J. Gill We use Zebu Compliance/EPS Staff Check ( to generate a list of exclusions from these master lists, then search them in the OIG Exclusions ( ) database to confirm whether they are a match. I save the cleared records on the public drive, then I upload the spread sheet of cleared record to EPS. I delete all cleared records every February and start over for the year.
by J. Gill
Thursday, September 15, 2016
Resident Council 0 J. Gill Would you be willing to share your 1) resident council description and your 2) resident council chairperson job description?  We are at the start of a council year and it would be helpful.  Thank you.
by J. Gill
Monday, September 12, 2016
Mobile Dermatology Providers 4 J. Gill We started a mobile dermatology service about a year ago through On Site Dermatology. They are specifically a mobile dermatology practice that provides care to senior living communities. We have seen benefits and gotten positive response to the clinic, which we offer monthly, and On Site has been good to work with. They are based out of FL, but they have local practitioners and it's a really easy service to set up and provide on an ongoing basis. If anyone is interested, their contact information is: Phone 877-445-5300; website I worked with Ray Wiltshire, the President of the company.
by M. Ridenour
Wednesday, July 27, 2016
Policy re: Resident Golf Cart Use 3 J. Gill GOLF CART (Added to handbook 5-01-12) Residents who use a golf cart on campus are responsible for covering the cost related to any incident with the golf cart. This includes any medical cost to another person due to any injuries or covering the cost to repair any damage caused by the operation of the golf cart. Contact your insurance agent to determine what liability coverage you need and complete the necessary contract for coverage. Residents who use a golf cart on campus are responsible for providing, equipping and maintaining the golf cart. All expenses associated with the purchase, equipment, storage or maintenance of the golf cart will be borne by the individual owning or operating the golf cart. Residents who use a golf cart are expected to park in the specially marked parking places for golf carts. Individuals who use a golf cart are expected to follow the same driving rules as if in a motor vehicle. Do not drive on sidewalks. Golf carts cannot be driven off campus. Any incidents with a golf cart need to be reported to Security, regardless if someone was hurt or not. If you have any questions regarding the golf cart policy please contact your Social Worker.
by J. Gill
Wednesday, June 15, 2016
Policy re: Resident Guests 11 J. Gill Our policy is that except for guests or short-term visitors, no one can reside in the residence without written approval from the Executive Director or designee. We have allowed family to stay in a resident’s home if they are in the hospital or in rehab but I don’t believe that we have had residents have guests while they are gone. This has not yet been a problem for our community.
by J. Gill
Thursday, June 2, 2016
Policy re: Resident Guests 0 J. Gill What is your policy regarding resident guests? We require that residents be physically present on campus when they have guests. Increasingly we are having situations where residents allow individuals to stay in their residences on campus when they are not present and out of town and thus are not present to address issues that arise with the guests. We do make an exception for family and caregivers when the resident is hospitalized, in skilled care, hospice, etc. I am interested in how other communities manage this.  
by J. Gill
Tuesday, May 24, 2016
AEDs 5 J. Gill Our community maintains two AEDs on campus. One is located in our Community Center (ie: main lobby) and the second is within the entrance to our healthcare facilities (which is also convenient to a café, fitness center, and spa). The devices are checked daily by a nursing assistant (for whom this task is a long-term responsibility); she documents on a flow sheet that the AED is in place and that all necessary items are present, as well as the proper functioning of the indicator light. All licensed nurses and security officers on our campus are required to be BLS certified, which includes training in the use of AEDs. Many nursing assistants choose to become certified as well. Those who are certified are obligated to utilize the AED in the event of a cardiac arrest. Staff who are not trained in the use of the AED are not encouraged to use them. Residents who feel comfortable using the AED are permitted to do so, although we do not provide any training to residents.
by Steele Group Architects
Thursday, May 5, 2016
OSHA Exposure Control Plan 0 J. Gill Would you be willing to share your OSHA exposure control plan?  We are updating ours and would like to see what others include.  Thanks.
by J. Gill
Tuesday, May 3, 2016
Animal Care in a Community Setting 5 J. Gill We have an older dog that requires medicine. We do not have our residents give medication to the dog but do allow them to give her treats, my department takes on this role of giving her medicine. We are here 7 days a week and can handle giving the dog medication.
by J. Gill
Friday, March 25, 2016
Guidelines re: Outside Items 5 J. Gill Grills are not allowed on porches or balconies of the Timbers (cluster/condo homes) and apartment buildings. Grills are allowed on decks or patios of cottage residences. A neat and clean appearance to the outside and inside of our buildings is very important for all Residents.Please be considerate of your neighbors when you are decorating the outside area of your apartment. Planters-Bird FeedersPlanters attached to balcony railings must be securely fastened.Potted plants and humming bird feeders may be securely fastened from the patio.Care and caution is urged when watering to avoid inconvenience to neighbors.Feeders using bird seed may be suspended ONLY from retractable arms that extend at least three feet (3) outside balcony railings. Please be considerate of your neighbors and use small bird seed. If you have a a bird feeder that is a major problem to your neighbors, you may be asked to remove it. Bird feed must be stored in sealable containers to avoid insect infestation in apartments and cottages.Residents of cottages and ground level apartments may place plants, bird feeders and/or other accessories outside the footprint of porches and patios only as approved by the Council’s Grounds Committee and Deerfield’s Ground Supervisor. Such approval shall not be “grandfathered” to succeeding residents. Decorations:Decorations of any type placed and or hung in the common areas need prior approval by Deerfield management or they will be removed. Art work in common areas of Deerfield placed by management should not be moved or re-arranged by residents.Plants may be placed in common areas only with approval of Deerfield. (No artificial plants)Plants placed in common areas under this system shall be maintained by the resident.Such items may be removed and disposed of if not regularly maintained and/or they become unsuitable for any reason, after notification to the resident. Balconies and porches may be decorated conservatively and tastefully within the confines of the building structure.Wind Chimes are not allowed.Feeding of squirrels from your patio and/or balconey is not allowed. Alcoves to apartment entryways may be personalized by residents. No rugs, mats or decorations may extend into hallways or common areas. Please be considerate of your neighbors with your decorations. Door decorations may be hung using over the door hangers only. The U.S. Flag only may be displayed from porches and balconies of apartments, villas and condos. Cottages may display two (2) flags and/or banners. A maximum of four (4) tripod easels may be used in the community center for appropriate notices and announcements. Any displays shall be coordinated through the Director of Resident Activities.Live flower arrangements may be placed in the community center with permission of the Executive Assistant. Condition of the arrangements will be checked daily, refurbished as needed and discarded when appropriate by a designated member of the housekeeping staff. Gifts of furniture, artifacts, decorations and art may be made to Deerfield and their use or disposition determined by Deerfield.
by J. Gill
Wednesday, March 23, 2016
On-Call Pay 14 J. Gill Jennifer, we do not have a dedicated Nurse scheduling coordinator. We utilize shift differential to compensate appropriate for 2nd and 3rd and weekend shifts.
by J. Gill
Friday, March 18, 2016
Physical Activity in Higher Levels of Service 0 J. Gill Do you have a successful outreach program in your community to improve fitness among residents in higher levels of service?  Have you had success with innovative activities rather than some of the more common chair programs? If so would you be willing to host Erin Crawford, Fitness Facilitator at Carol Woods, for a brief visit?  Please contact her at or 919-918-2647. 
by J. Gill
Monday, February 29, 2016
HIPAA Risk Assessment 0 J. Gill Do you have a suggestion for a company that would perform the HIPAA Risk Assessment, and if so would you please provide contact information?
by J. Gill
Wednesday, February 24, 2016
Nurse Staffing 9 J. Gill In our nursing department I do run an on call from 7a Saturday morning until 7a Monday morning. This is an RN that is a supervisor level (or cross trained to be a supervisor) that covers any call outs (that cannot be covered) for the weekend. We operate with 2 baylor supervisors on the weekends (7a-7p and 7p-7a). If one of these supervisors call out, the on call would come in and supervisor – or if there is a staff nurse call out (again, that cannot be covered), the on call would come in and work. Most of the individuals that rotate in this on call are exempt – so they receive no monetary on call pay. However, there are a couple of nurses who participate that are hourly – they receive $50/per day to be on call – and then naturally are on the clock if they have to come in. These nurses are the ones that are cross trained to supervise – so when they come in to cover one of the baylor supervisors they also receive an additional $4.00/hour. In the event the on call nurse has to come in – I negotiate with them another day off. During the week we have a staffing coordinator to staff all of nursing. The manager on duty is responsible for covering any call outs after the staffing coordinator leaves for the day. The ADON and myself are “on phone call” 24hr/day, 7days/week.
by J. Gill
Friday, February 12, 2016
Dining 23 J. Gill We do not outsource any portion of our Dining Services department. Through experience, we have found that outsourcing this key department creates a barrier to providing excellent customer service and pricing. As resident and staff dining needs and desires are continuously changing, we find it crucial that in a department as integral as dining, that there are no barriers present between our community and the residents to which it serves. Dining is not limited to nutrition and portion, rather it is an activity of daily living for our residents, an opportunity to fellowship with staff and other residents alike.
by J. Gill
Thursday, February 11, 2016
Support Groups 10 J. Gill We do have a support group and we use our internal staff. I am more than happy to discuss with them if they want.
by J. Gill
Tuesday, February 2, 2016
On-Campus Transportation from Cottages to Dining Room 39 J. Gill Resident Services provides this transportation and does not charge.
by J. Gill
Sunday, January 24, 2016
Salary Caps 8 J. Gill We do not have a salary cap on any position.
by J. Gill
Tuesday, January 19, 2016
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