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Employee Child Care
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4/25/2018 at 9:52:10 PM GMT
Posts: 1263
Unfortunately, we do not have child care at this time.

4/25/2018 at 9:55:53 PM GMT
Posts: 1263
We operate a five-star child care center. Presently, we have 36 children enrolled. The center is open to the general public and we do accept public assistance vouchers such as the SmartStart program. The child care program provides intergenerational opportunities between the children and our residents. One resident provided funding for a playground located in a courtyard within our skilled nursing area. Another resident, with a background in music and education, even requested to live near our child care center. Employees are eligible for a 25% discounted rate. We have several employees who keep their child(ren), grandchildren, etc. here. It is convenient for the employee to be close to their child, allowing the parent to stop by or check-in during lunch and breaks.
Drawbacks? A child care center is subject to a myriad of state regulations, i.e., staffing ratios, staff training/education, food service, housekeeping, health inspections, grant reporting, annual state inspections, etc. Don’t expect a child care center to be profitable but instead measure its success by its intangible benefits. The center is only open during the day, so our employees who work second and third shifts must make other arrangements. Childcare centers are rated on a 5-star scale similar to the CMS 5-star.

4/25/2018 at 9:58:27 PM GMT
Posts: 1263
We do not have child care.

4/25/2018 at 10:03:14 PM GMT
Posts: 1263
“NO” on all of these.

4/25/2018 at 10:03:45 PM GMT
Posts: 1263
We do not provide or subsidize child care for employees.

4/25/2018 at 10:04:09 PM GMT
Posts: 1263
We do not currently provide assistance for child care for our employees. Surprisingly, that has not been a benefit that we typically do get questions about.

4/25/2018 at 10:06:32 PM GMT
Posts: 1263
No we do not. I would be interested in the other responses though.

4/25/2018 at 10:07:03 PM GMT
Posts: 1263
Yes, we have a daycare center on site..

We have room for about 77 children and we lease the space out, we don’t run it..

A handful of our staff have children in it and we do provide some assistance to those that choose to have their children there..

The biggest advantage we have found in having the daycare is not through giving our staff a place for their children necessarily but more importantly the intergenerational opportunities we have with mixing the children with our residents, especially our health center residents.

Seeing a buggy of 6 children going by for a stroll in the corridors brings residents out of their rooms in droves, residents volunteer to read to the children on rock the babies and many times the children are guests along with residents during musical/entertainment events..

It is a nice feature for our community..

4/25/2018 at 10:08:21 PM GMT
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We only offer child care; if the public school system is closed due to inclement weather.

4/26/2018 at 5:59:17 PM GMT
Posts: 1263
We do not offer a program or any type of assistance.

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